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· Cup of fruit (With yogurt, honey and granola).
· Fresh juice (orange or carrot)
· Fresh mixed juices


· Home-pastries


· Abuelos Peleados
(Two fried eggs served in a sopecito, one egg in covered in green sauce and the other in red sauce).

· Huevos Motuleños
(A classic dish from the south of México, egg in a fried tortilla with refried beans bathed in a tomato sauce accompained with peas, ham, cheese and fried plantain).

· Huevos en Cazuela
(Cooked and served in a claypot bathed in a yogurt and chipotle sauce decorated with chives).

· Huevos al Acuyo
(Eggs cooked on a mexican pepperleaf accompanied with beans from the pot and toasted chiles with onions).

· Huevos Crujientes
(Crispy tortilla strips with scrambled eggs over an adobo de guajillo and chocolate sauce).

· Huevos Clotilde
(scrambled, served in a claypot, bathed in abundant green sauce with beans from the pot and ranchero cheese).

· Omelette de la Abuela
(Omelette filled with squash blossoms and ranchero cheese, bathed in green sauce).

· Omelette Light
(White eggs filled with spinach and panela cheese, accompanied with zucchini).

· Omelette poblano
(Zucchini, corn and Oaxaca cheese, bathed in a poblano cream sauce).

· Quesadillas de plátano macho
(Tortilla made with plantain and corn, filled with Oaxaca cheese and drops of mole).

· Enchiladas clásicas
(Three tortillas with chicken bathed in green or red sauce).

· Tacos de Requesón
(Fried quelite tacos stewed with onion and curd decorated with lettuce, cream and cheese).

· Enchiladas Queretánas
(Three delicious fried tortillas, marinated with adobo served with panela cheese and fried carrot and potato).

· Enfrijoladas
(Three tortillas dipped in bean sauce stuffed with the side of your chice vegan, with egg or cochinita pibil).

· Enmoladas de la casa
(Three tortillas dipped in mole, stuffed with chicken and served with cream, cheese and sesame seeds).

· Flautas rellenas de barbacoa
(Served with habanero sauce).

· Chilaquiles tronadores verdes, rojos o morita
(Fried tortillas bathed in the sauce of your election and arrachera, egg or chicken).

· French bread
(homemade bread roasted with butter and sugar accompanied with berries).

· Benedictine eggs
(poached egg on homemade bread dipped in hollandaise sauce).

· Croque madame from pumpkin nugget
(ham and cheese sandwich bathed in béchamel sauce of pumpkin seed with starry egg).


· Sopecitos
(Three mexican sopecitos with beans, cheese, cream and lettuce).

· Sabanita de pollo con papas
(Chicken breast accompanied with french fries)



· La masa es Primero
(Mix of mexican antojitos, Clotilde style: 2 quesadilla with plantain, 2 tlacoyos and 2 tacos with curd).

· Molcajete de Nopales
(creation of the house, ceviche with salt-curred nopales, with charales and pico de gallo) (vegan option is served without charales).

· Molcajete de guacamole con chapulines
(Served with panela cheese and topped with chapulines and tortilla chips).

· Memelas de Tuétano
(Three gorditas with beans and covered with a delicious marrow topped with onion, cilantro and cheese).

· Ensalada de la Casa
(Quintonil salad with lettuce, cherry tomato, cranberry, pralines,apple, house dressing and panela cheese).


·Sopa de Tortilla
(The specialty of the house).

· Sopa de elote con aceite de chile poblano
(Corn stew with potato and pore, flavored with epazote, accompanied with huitllacoche and chile poblano oil).

· Sopa de milpa
(Olote chicken soup with squash blossoms, rajas poblanas, corn kernel, chipotle and flavored with epazote).

· Consome Restaurador
(Chicken soup with rice, vegetables and shredded chicken).


· Mole de la casa
(The best mole of Clotilde, served with chicken breast filled with mashed plantain).

· Mole del Mes
(Every month a different mole, accompanied with protein, beans or rice).

· Mixiote
(Traditional Teotihuacan dish wrapped and dipped in chilli sauce with nopales, potatoes and xoconostle accompanied with beans from the pot).

· Chamorro Cantinero Tradicional o Adobado
(The speciality of the house, can be natural or marinated, accompanied with nopal, roasted onions and chiles toreados).

· Cazuela de Cochinita Pibil
(Special marinated sauce from the chef. Ideal para taquear).

· Cazuelita de Barbacoa
(Homemade barbecue cooked at low temperature).

· Hamburgesa de la Casa
(200 gr, of thick and juicy meat, marinated with garlic, onion, paprika, and crispy smoked bacon, served with monterrey jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion and 3-chilli BBQ accompanied with french fries).


· Hamburguesa JR. 80gr.
(Same meat of the hamburguesa de la casa, served with onions, tomato, monterrey jack cheese and french fries).

· Sabanita de Pollo con Papas Fritas
(Chicken supreme with
french fries).

· Sopecitos
(Three mexican sopecitos served with beans, cheese, cream and lettuce).


· Mousse de Chocolate
(French style mousse with red berries and crumble).

· Volcán de Chocolate
Fluffy and moist chocolate bread accompanied by ice cream).

Panquecitos de Plátano Macho
(Aaccompanied by ice cream).

· Pastel de Elote
(Fluffy fresh corn bread bathed in rompope).

· Chessecake con Mermelada de la Casa
(Delicious dessert made with cheese, lemon zest, homemade jam, ccrumble and red fruits).

· Creación del Mes
(Ask your waiter for the creation of the month).



· Michelada baja
(The emblematic mexican beer cocktail with shrimp powder and a mix of spicy sauces).

· Chelada
(Very cold beer with lime huice and salt).

· Sangria of the house
(A sweet and fresh drink with red wine and lemon twist).

· Mezcalina
(Orange, pineapple, lemon and mezcal).

· Gin and tonic
(Gin, tonic water and ice).

· Pepigin
(Gin, cucumber, mint, lemon juice and tonic water).

· Carajillo
(Licor 43, espresso and a touch of cinnamon).

· Pina colada with rum
(Rum-based cocktail crafted with coconut cream and pineapple juice).


· Campari

· Fernet.

· Vermouth


· Tecate, Tecate Light.

· XX Large, XX amber.

· Bohemian Clara, Dark Bohemia.

· Stella artois.


· Boca Negra craft beer.

· Allende craft beer.

· Tempus craft beer.

· Hoegaarden Imported Beer.

· Colimita Lager Beer.





·Homemade Orange Soft Drink.

·Homemade Pineapple Soft Drink.

· Glass of Water Naturally Flavored.

· Jar of flavored water.

· Jar of Lemonade or Orange Soft Drink

· Rusa.

· Sangria Jar.


·American coffee.

· Espresso

· Double espresso

· Espresso with milk.



· English tea


· Anis Las Cadenas.

· Frangelico

· Baileys.

· Rompope.

· Tuna liquor / Xoconostle / Nopal.

· Kalhúa Coffee Cream.



· Mezcal Zignum Añejo.

· Mezcal 5th Patio.

· Amores Reposado.

· Young loves

· 400 Rabbits.

· Platoon of death.



· Master Tequila Dobel.

· Don Julio 70

· Don Julio Reposado.

· Don Julio Blanco.

· Horseshoe Reposado.

1800 Reposado.



· Towers 20.

· Towers 10.

· Towers 5.


· Bombay

· Tanquery

· Beefeater


· Blue Absolut

· Smirnoff


· Matusalem Gran Reserva.

· Classic Matusalem.

·Cane flower.

· White Bacardi.

· Bacardi Oakheart.


· Hennessey V.S.O.P.

· Hennessey V.S.


· Buchanan's 12

· Chivas 12

· JW Wtiqueta Negra

· JW Red Label.

· Jack Daniels.


· Domecqs XA-Blanc de Blancs (Valley of California B.C.)
 (White flowers, honey, pears and green apple: sweet and persistent flavor with balanced acidity).

· Earth Tower (White 2015)
 (Notes of ripe red and black fruits, explosive attack and good acidity).

· Santto Tomás (Red wine Cabernet 2014)
 (Red fruits: with shades of cherry, aromas of cocoa, vanilla).

·THE. CETTO. (Red wine 2015)
 (Black fruits: fig, cherry, bitter taste and strong on the palate).

· Bastets Catalonia (2008)
 (Fruits of the forest and toasted notes, soft and warm flavor).

· Mount Xanic (White Wine 2016)
 (Notes of ripe red and black fruits, explosive attack and good acidity).

· Madero House (Malvec Tinto 2015)
 (Soft woody fruit flavor, wet earth).

· Madero House (3V 2015)

· Concha y Toro (Red Wine)
 (Fruity flavor with herbs and chocolate).

· Concha y Toro (White Wine 2015)
 (Uva Sauvignon blanc / Moscatel).

· The Sparkling Round
 (Sweet sparkling wine with apple tones, orange with honeyed tones and fresh touch).