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Av. Hidalgo #23-A Plaza Cristal




· Cup of fruit (With yogurt, honey and granola).
· Fresh juice (orange or carrot)
· Green juice


· Home-pastries


· Chilaquiles tronadores verdes, rojos o morita
(Fried tortillas bathed in the sauce of your election and arrachera, egg or chicken).

· Enchiladas clásicas
(Three tortillas with chicken bathed in green or red sauce).

· Enchiladas Queretánas
(Three delicious fried tortillas, marinated with adobo served with panela cheese and fried carrot and potato).

· Enfrijoladas
(Three tortillas dipped in bean sauce stuffed with the side of your chice vegan, with egg or cochinita pibil).

· Enmoladas de la casa
(Three tortillas dipped in mole, stuffed with chicken and served with cream, cheese and sesame seeds).

· Tacos de Requesón
(Fried quelite tacos stewed with onion and curd decorated with lettuce, cream and cheese).

· Quesadillas de plátano macho
(Tortilla made with plantain and corn, filled with Oaxaca cheese and drops of mole).

· Pan francés
(homemade bread roasted with butter and sugar accompanied with berries).

· Abuelos Peleados
(Two fried eggs served in a sopecito, one egg in covered in green sauce and the other in red sauce).

· Huevos Motuleños
(A classic dish from the south of México, egg in a fried tortilla with refried beans bathed in a tomato sauce accompained with peas, ham, cheese and fried plantain).

· Huevos Clotilde
(scrambled, served in a claypot, bathed in abundant green sauce with beans from the pot and ranchero cheese).

· Huevos Crujientes
(Crispy tortilla strips with scrambled eggs over an adobo de guajillo and chocolate sauce).

· Omelette de la Abuela
(Omelette filled with squash blossoms and ranchero cheese, bathed in green sauce).

· Omelette Light
(White eggs filled with spinach and panela cheese, accompanied with zucchini).

· Omelette poblano
(Zucchini, corn and Oaxaca cheese, bathed in a poblano cream sauce).

· Omelette mediterraneo
(stuffed with spinach, serrano ham, goat cheese, topped with cherry tomato).


· Hamburguesa JR. 80gr.
(Same meat of the hamburguesa de la casa, served with onions, tomato, monterrey jack cheese and french fries).

· Sabanita de Pollo con Papas Fritas
(Chicken supreme with french fries).

· Sopecitos
((three Mexican sopecitos with beans, cheese, cream and lettuce).).




· La masa es Primero
(Mix of mexican antojitos, Clotilde style: 2 quesadilla with plantain, 2 tlacoyos and 2 tacos with curd).

· Molcajete de Nopales
(creation of the house, ceviche with salt-curred nopales, with charales and pico de gallo) (vegan option is served without charales).

· Molcajete de guacamole con chapulines
(Served with panela cheese and topped with chapulines and tortilla chips).

· Ensalada de la Casa
(Quintonil salad with lettuce, cherry tomato, cranberry, pralines,apple, house dressing and panela cheese).


·Sopa de Tortilla
(The specialty of the house).

· Sopa de elote con aceite de chile poblano
(Corn stew with potato and pore, flavored with epazote, accompanied with huitllacoche and chile poblano oil).

· Sopa de milpa
(Olote chicken soup with squash blossoms, rajas poblanas, corn kernel, chipotle and flavored with epazote).

· Consome Restaurador
(Chicken soup with rice, vegetables and shredded chicken).


· Chamorro Cantinero
(The speciality of the house, can be natural or marinated, accompanied with nopal, roasted onions and chiles toreados).

· Mole de la casa
(The best mole of Clotilde, served with chicken breast filled with mashed plantain).

· Mole del Mes
(Every month a different mole, accompanied with protein, beans or rice).

· Mixiote
(Traditional Teotihuacan dish wrapped and dipped in chilli sauce with nopales, potatoes and xoconostle accompanied with beans from the pot).

· Rib-eye a la parrilla
(rib-eye in tuetano sauce accompanied by rustic mashed potatoes and roasted apples with rosemary).

· Hamburgesa de la Casa
(200 gr, of thick and juicy meat, marinated with garlic, onion, paprika, and crispy smoked bacon, served with monterrey jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion and 3-chilli BBQ accompanied with french fries).

· Filete de pescado al pibil
wrapped in banana leaf seasoned with a mixture of chilies and spices on a bed of pineapple accompanied by white rice, it can be ordered to taste).

· Tacos de arrachera
(Sterling silver flank steak, decorated with caramelized red wine onion and raw green tomato).


· Hamburguesa JR. 80gr.
(Same meat of the hamburguesa de la casa, served with onions, tomato, monterrey jack cheese and french fries).

· Sabanita de Pollo con Papas Fritas
(Chicken supreme with french fries).

· Sopecitos
(Three mexican sopecitos served with beans, cheese, cream and lettuce).



· Mousse de Chocolate
(French style mousse with red berries and crumble).

· Pastel de Elote
(Fluffy fresh corn bread bathed in rompope).

· Pastel de Elote
(Fluffy fresh corn bread bathed in rompope).

· Volcán de Chocolate
(Fluffy and moist chocolate bread accompanied by ice cream).

· Chessecake con Mermelada de la Casa
(Delicious dessert made with cheese, lemon zest, homemade jam, ccrumble and red fruits).

· Creación del Mes
(Ask your waiter for the creation of the month).



· Michelada baja
(The emblematic mexican beer cocktail with shrimp powder and a mix of spicy sauces).

· Chelada
(Very cold beer with lime huice and salt).

· Sangria of the house
(A sweet and fresh drink with red wine and lemon twist).

· Mezcalina
(Orange, pineapple, lemon and mezcal).

· Gin tonic
(pepigin, citrus gin or red fruit gin).

· Carajillo
(Licor 43, espresso and a touch of cinnamon).

· Pina colada with rum
(Rum-based cocktail crafted with coconut cream and pineapple juice).


·American coffee.

· Espresso

· Double espresso

· Espresso with milk.






· Rusa.


·Homemade Orange Soft Drink.

·Homemade Pineapple Soft Drink.

· Glass of Water Naturally Flavored.

· Jar of flavored water.

· Jar of Lemonade or Orange Soft Drink

· Sangria Jar.


· Anis Las Cadenas.

· Frangelico

· Baileys.

· Rompope.

· Tuna liquor / Xoconostle / Nopal.

· Kalhúa Coffee Cream.


Sangre Santa (Teotihuacán). 
Cerveza de barril de la región.

Allende Golden Ale (Gto).
Para toda ocasión ligera y refrescante.

Allende Agave Lager (Gto).
Innovadora, acompañante de tequila y mezcal, ligera.

Allende Brown Ale (Gto).
Oscura, compleja y generosa.

Allende Lager 100 (Gto).
Cerveza lager baja en calorías.

Allende IPA (Gto).
Para paladares experimentados, amarga, alto contenido alcohólico.

Colimita Lager (Colima).
Medalla de oro cerveza México 2017.

Colima Cayaco (Colima).
Lager con arroz, medalla de bronce World Beer Cup 2018.

Colima Ticus (Colima).
Porter, medalla de oro en cerveza México 2017.

Rrëy (Mty).
Kölsch, clara y refrescante.

Fauna Helium (Ensenada B.C).
Mexican Pilsner, notas de hierbas frescas y flores, muy refrescante.

Fauna Penelope (Ensenada B.C)
Porter, con café.

Principia Lager (Mty).
Refrescante con sabores herbales.

Principia Wheat (Mty). 
Color pajizo fácil de beber.

Principia Oatmeal Stout (Mty). 
Cremosa y sedosa sabores a nuez, almendra y bombón quemado.

Loba Sport (Gdl). 
Agradable dulzor y frutosidad a naranja.

Loba Negra (Gdl). 
Firme amargor, con sutil balance entre chocolate y café.


Tecate, Tecate light.

XX Lager, XX Ambar

Bohemia clara, oscura

Stella Artois




· Zignum Añejo.

· Amores Reposado.

· Amores joven

· 400 Conejos.

· Pelotón de la muerte.


·Verde Momento Espadin.

·Mil Diablos Joven.

·Mitre Origen Espadin.


· Master Tequilero Dobel.

· Don Julio 70

· Don Julio Reposado.

· Don Julio Blanco.



· Towers 10.

· Towers 5.


· Bombay

· Tanquery

· Beefeater


· Matusalem Gran Reserva.

· Matusalem Clásico.

·Flor de caña.

· Bacardi Blanco.

· Appleton Especial.


· Hennessey V.S.


· JW Black Label.

· JW Red Label.

· Jack Daniels.



L.A. CETTO Don Luis (750ml)

(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

L.A. CETTO Nebbiolo (750ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

L.A. CETTO Petite Sirah (750ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

L.A. CETTO Cabernet Sauvignon
(750ml)(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

Cuatro Soles Merlot (750ml)
(Aguascalientes, México).

Cuatro Soles Roble (750ml)
(Aguascalientes, México).

Noventa y 9 (750ml)
(Ensenada Baja California, México).

Domecq XA Cabernet Sauvignon(750ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe Baja California).

Domecq XA por copa (375ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe Baja California).

Marques del Valle Cabernet & Malbec (750ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe Baja California).

Casa Madero Malbec (750ml)
(Parras Coahuila, México).

Casa Madero 3V (750ml)
(Parras Coahuila, México).

Monte Xanic Calixa Blend (750ml)
(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

Monte Xanic Calixa (750ml) Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah
(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).

Santo Tomas Tempreanillo Cabernet (750ml)
(Valle de San Vicente, Baja California).

Santo Tomas Merlot (750ml)
(Valle de San Vicente, Baja California).

La Redonda (750ml)
(Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro).

Balero (Merlot, Cabernet y Syrah)
(Ensenada, Baja California).

Ensamble (Cabernet sauvignon)
(Valle de Guadalupe Baja California).


Torre de Tierra
(Dolores Hidalgo).

Domecq XA Blanco
(Valle de Guadalupe Baja California).

La Redonda Espumoso
(Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro).

Cooks Brut Espumoso
(California, Estados Unidos).